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***UPCOMING*** June 2023 (online) reading group: Narrating suicidality

May 2023 (online) reading group: Soteria style community houses in Australia

April 2023 (online) reading group: Madness in Music

March 2023 (online) reading group: Mad-created and co-created clinical training and services

February 2023 (online) reading group: Legal Challenges to Human Rights Violations

January 2023 (online) reading group: Madness and Literature

December 2022 (online) reading group: End of year social catch up

November 2022 (online) reading group: Cancelled due to illness

October 2022 (online) reading group: Madness, capacity, and significant life decisions

September 2022 (online) reading group: The Intersection of Mad Studies and the Academy

August 2022 (online) reading group: Thinking about suicide

July 2022 (online) reading group: Love and Madness

June 2022 (online) reading group: Complex roles and identities in mental health research

May 2022 (online) reading group: Challenges to Mad Activism

April 2022 (online) reading group: Coming out as Mad in the academy

March 2022: no reading group

February 2022 (online) reading group: Lived and living experience in the workplace

December 2021 (online) reading group: Sincerely Survivor – Film Discussion (and social catch up for end of year)

November 2021 (online) reading group: Restorative Justice and the Mental Health System

***Postponed*** October 2021 (online) reading group: Film club – Sincerely Survivor

September 2021 (online) reading group: Trans and Gender Diverse Experiences of Pathologisation and Madness

August 2021 (online) reading group: When therapy does harm

July 2021 (online) reading group: Cultivating spaces for sharing to change the mental health system

June 2021 (online) reading group: Fat and Mad: thinking critically about medicalising our bodies and minds

May 2021 (online) reading group: Madness and Neurodiversity

April 2021 (online) reading group: Women’s activism in consumer/survivor/ex-patient spaces

March 2021 (online) reading group: Madness and Neo-liberalism

February 2021 (online) reading group: Madness and the experience of pregnancy/childbirth

January 2021 (online) reading group: The language of mental health and illness

November 2020 (online) reading group: Gender bias in psychiatry

October 2020 (online) reading group: Alternative models of non-carceral crisis support for mental and emotional distress

September 2020 (online) reading group: Mad Studies’ relationship to abolition movements – are prisons the ‘new asylums’?

August 2020 (online) reading group: Preventing the co-option of Mad Studies

July 2020 (online) reading group: What role for allies in Mad Studies?

March 2020 (in person) reading group: Epistemic Injustice and Madness

November 2019 (in person) reading group: Thinking differently about suicide

October 2019 (in person) reading group: Reclaiming experiences from the language of “mental health” (week)

September 2019 (in person) reading group: Madly sustaining ourselves and our work

August 2019 (in person) inaugural reading group: Mad people’s knowledge in academia

Other Events:

Mad Reflections on the Mental Health and Wellbeing Act Update and Engagement Paper

Date: Tuesday 29th June
Time: 7-8.30pm AEST (Melbourne time)
Read more about this event here

Mad Reflections on the Royal Commission Final Report

Date: Tuesday, 9th March
Time: 7-8.30pm AEST (Melbourne time)
Read more about this event here.

Launch of RMIT Mad Studies Network & Our Consumer Place’s Mad Studies ‘Conversation Starters’

Thursday 27th June, 6.00-7.30pm
Our Community House, 552 Victoria St, North Melbourne, VIC 3051

Speakers: Flick Grey, Dr Chris Maylea, Kath Thorburn

Our Consumer Place‘s ‘Mad Studies Conversation Starters’, compiled by Flick Grey in partnership with Merinda Epstein, is now available here.

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